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How did the "U" shape bag design come about?
The original "U" shape bag designs can be traced back to the riders of the Pony Express, some of the most adventurous riders who have ever lived! Since the time of the Pony Express the bags have been reshaped and reworked by many. Today, several companies make "U" shaped or "Horse shoe" shaped bags. This light weight, universal design allows our bags to be used in a wide variety of motorcycle models.
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How are this bags different from other on the market?
Function! With plenty of straps to tie extra gear and quick easy access pockets the Nomad Rider bags have the riders "needs" in mind. No need to un-strap all your gear to gain access to the important gear you want to reach in a hurry!
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Do I need any additional brackets or mounting systems with your rear tail bags?
For most bikes not additional parts are needed. However it is very important to make sure the exhaust side plastics and body work are not pushed into the muffler area when your bags are fully loaded. A hose clamp can be used to keep the body panels away from the muffler area if needed. Our Tech staff can also be reached if you have any mounting questions.
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How do I know what size bag to get for my bike?
Give us a call we are more than happy to help. What type of gear do you want to take, how long are your adventures, what type of bike do you have? Email if you have any questions.
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What is covered if the strap breaks or stitching comes out?
We want you to be happy with your bag, if for some reason you see a problem, simply send it back and we will fix or replace the bag for free within the first six months of purchase.
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Will the bags hold up in a crash?
Nomad Rider bags are very durable and will actually help protect your motorcycle in the event of a time over! If you bag is damaged in a crash, simple send it back and get a second bag for 50% off!
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Are the bags waterproof?
The bags are made from waterproof material and very durable, However the zipper systems do not allow them to be 100% waterproof. Realistically unless the bags are completely submerged under water they WILL keep your gear dry and dust free.
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Why are your bags less expensive than the others on the market?
Volume and factory direct connection. We work directly for the factories so there is not middle man and distributor mark up adding additional cost to the end users.
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Do you have a photo or videos of the bags mounted to a bike similar to mine?
If you do not see a bike that is similar to your model please email us your make and model and we will get the information you're looking for.
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How long does it take to get my bags?
For the USA lower 48 states, delivery is normally 3-7 days from the time of purchase.
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Do you have a rider sponsor program?
Yes, please send in a video or photos of your adventures and why you should be a sponsored Nomad Rider. Discounts and free promotional materials are available for those who qualify.
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